Welcome to Fair Path!

I am really excited to be the new kid on the block in recruiting and retaining the best travel employees in Australia. Fair Path is all about connecting people and building successful careers and businesses in the travel industry.

So what can I do for you exactly?

If you are looking for a new opportunity or just wanting to keep an eye on what’s happening in the industry then connect with me at LinkedIn to see new job opportunities and learn useful information to help you have a great career.

If you are an employer with a career opportunity then connect with me and I can help you reach the right candidate at an affordable rate. I can also help you evaluate your employee engagement and provide you with advice to make your business the place to work.

I ‘m a big fan of technology and its power to connect people so I encourage you to connect with me on LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/fionawalliss and follow Fair Path at www.linkedin.com/company/fairpath. You can also email me at fiona@fairpath.com.au with your questions, ideas or comments.

Look forward to connecting with you!