Managing employee performance can be difficult and time consuming. Ask yourself:

  • How am I developing my strong performing employees to take them to the next level?
  • How am I managing my underperforming employees to improve their performance?

If you answered ‘I’m not doing anything’, ‘not sure’ or ‘could do more’ to any of these questions then we can help provide advice and support to change this.

Working with us means you will receive advice and support tailored to your individual business needs. This may include:

  • Advice on applicable legislation, Awards and/or Enterprise Agreements;
  • Assistance with preparing tools;
  • Advice on managing performance for employees with mental health concerns; and
  • Coaching of managers to improve their capability.

If people are at the heart of your business you can’t afford to ignore their performance.



Business restructures can be an unsettling and challenging experience for leaders and employees alike, particularly if they involve redundancies.

We can provide end to end advice and support to ensure your restructure and any associated redundancies are done respectfully and compliantly with the interests of both the employee and the business in mind. This may include:

  • Advice on your legal obligations;
  • Preparing or reviewing employee communications e.g. termination letters;
  • Coaching leaders to deliver restructure and redundancy discussions.

We can also provide general career advice and referrals to specialist career coaches to assist people whose positions have been made redundant to prepare for the future.



It is important to have clearly written policies and procedures which outline the expectations of employees while they are at work, using company equipment or representing the company. It is also important that employees are educated in them. If you don’t you can be putting your company at risk.

The number and type of policies and procedures you need varies from business to business. Ask yourself:

  • What policies and procedures do you have?
  • Have you had any issues where having a policy or procedure in place would have helped?
  • When was the last time you reviewed your policies and procedures?
  • How to you educate employees on the policies and procedures? How do you communicate any changes?

Policies and procedures are often written once and left on the shelf until something goes wrong. Reviewing them on a regular basis should be part of your business routines.

We can assist in reviewing, developing and implementing the right policies and procedures for your business.



The employment legal framework can be complicated and we recognise that many businesses don’t have the understanding or capability to navigate it on their own. We provide advice and support with:

  • Interpretation of employment legislation, Modern Awards and Enterprise Agreements;
  • Review of Enterprise Agreements;
  • Negotiation strategy.


Fair Path provides customised training to assist you to develop, educate and upskill your team. Possible topics include:

  • Overview of Australia’s industrial relations system.
  • Courageous Conversations (Managing Employee Performance).
  • Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination.
  • Stress and Resilience.

Discuss your needs with us and we will work with you to tailor a program that fits your needs.



Ask anything related to HR that is on your mind and we will provide you with tailored advice and support. No question too big or too small!

Have a team that needs regular support? Talk to us about our retainer arrangements.



If you are setting up a new business then you will have a lot to do. Let us help you ensure you set up a compliant HR framework right from the start that attracts and supports the team you want.

This may include:

  • Determining the legislative framework applicable to your business;
  • Developing contracts of employment;
  • Developing policies and procedures;
  • Coaching of leaders;
  • HR templates and tools;
  • Ongoing advice and support for as long as you need.


Do you know how your employees feel about working for you? If not, then you need to ask.

Employee engagement is linked closely to employee job satisfaction, productivity, retention, innovation and business profitability. By understanding how your employees feel about working for you, you can identify what you are doing well and what areas you need to improve.

We have all participated in employee surveys that get put in the bottom draw until the next year and wonder why we said anything! Employee engagement is not just about understanding but also about taking action.

Fair Path will assist you to truly understand you employees and ensure that practical action is taken to support your business and your employees.



First impressions last! Think about a time when you started working somewhere new…. I bet the bad experiences stick in your mind. Maybe it was that no one was expecting you, you weren’t given any direction in your work or you had no access to the information you needed. All time that is unproductive and unprofessional.

We want your employees to have a great first impression and to have a productive start to their working relationship with you.

Fair Path can assist you with creating or reviewing your induction and onboarding program to ensure your employees have a great experience from the first day.



Exit interviews should not be the only means by which you get feedback from employees but they can provide you with valuable information

Fair Path provides an independent and confidential service that will enable to obtain information from previous employees and use this information to inform your business retention strategies.