No matter how many job interviews you’ve had most of us would admit to feeling nervous beforehand. The balance of power in an interview is usually very much in favour of the interviewer. So how do you appear confident even when you aren’t feeling it? It’s all about your preparation and high power body language.

As a candidate, the majority of your preparation is likely to be focused on the types of questions to be asked and how you will respond to them (verbal preparation). You will most likely also give some thought to your overall attire and grooming (non-verbal preparation). However there are many other non-verbal messages that you give in an interview through your body language, voice projection and facial expressions that influence, often subconsciously, your interviewer’s decision making.

Many studies show that non-verbal messages have a greater impact on an interviewer’s decision making than what you actually say in the interview. This great TED Talk from Amy Cuddy, social psychologist, will show you how in just two minutes you can use non-verbal, high-power body language to improve your chance of success at your next interview.